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Types of Business Cards

The importance of business cards as a marketing tool can not be overstressed as they are a necessity in the business world, because with your business cards you can gain the recognition of prospects.

The impressive thrive of technology and online media has replaced our old networking methods. Social media networking is becoming increasingly popular among business oriented industries. However, physical networking events and meetings, are still key in building many business relationships. 

There are wide varieties of business cards and it can be quite hard as a business owner to decide which is best for your company.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the various types of business cards, their distinct features and their importance.

Business cards are based on diverse specifications which can be adjusted to your needs. When choosing a business card you need to consider it’s weight and thickness.

We have five major types of business cards which are the Standard card, Premium card, Gloss card, Matte card and embossed card.

The standard business card is the classic one that many of us are used to and it could either be paper or plastic based. The standard business card is great for your business needs. It’s a safe option for most people.

The standard card comes in the paper embossed & gloss and opaque and translucent variants. At Xtreme Cardz, the plasctic variants are made with a superior quality of PCV that ensures they are durable, tear resistant and waterproof.

As it’s a standard card, all it’s features are standardized:

Size: However the business card size may change somewhat by areas, 3.5 x 2 inch is broadly accepted by many.

Shape: Rectangular is liked and utilized most. Different shapes, like square, round or cut shapes are considered unusual as they are hard to sit and remain in the owner’s card holder.

Colour: White or cream on one side and the organization’s major colour on the opposite side

Printing/completing/paper: Non-covered, no embellishing

You can rarely turn out badly with a standard sort of card as it’s productive enough for a wide range of conferences. Thus, on the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity to work with business card creators or to wrestle with various muddled plans, go with a standard one. It’s a protected choice for nearly everybody.

Matte business card is the ideal card for business people who don’t actually have to have an inventive plan yet want an expert look for their cards. Subtleties shift by prerequisites of various organizations, however beneath are the nuts and bolts:

Size: 3.5 x 2 inch is liked as this card stands apart for its paper material, a flighty size isn’t actually significant.

Shape: Same with size, the shape isn’t the unequivocal factor for the polished skill of matte card. Whatever shape you choose to go with, it should be in accordance with your image.

Paper/printing material: With the vibe of silk or silk, your card justifies itself. It’s intended to be for those that need the best, and in this way, it offers an unmistakable expression about the nature of your business and your administrations.

Glossy business card is the ideal card for the people who are in the business of style, beauty, hospitality, or the individuals who need to utilize pictures in their cards. Nonetheless, it doesn’t imply that this kind of card is certainly not ideal for different organizations. So far you need to stand out from your rivals, gloss business card is worth to be taken into consideration.

It gives your image a wonderful, dynamic and lavish look. This can be accomplished in light of the fact that it makes your pictures or different features of your card really fly off the card. It strengthens the colors of your business card plan, and consequently, draws out the main components of your card.

One more reason to consider the gloss business card is because of its strength. If you really need your card to stay longer in your clients’ cardholder, go for this kind of card. A downside might be the eligibility of text since gloss business card is really shiny. It’s important to consider during the planning, picking the right typeface and ensuring it’s discernible even in little sizes is vital.

Embossed business card is a kind of card conveys a significant degree of professionalism and classiness. Decorating gives your card an eye-catching impact as well as makes an unrivaled look and feel. It adds class and weight to your card. It permits you to feature the main components of your plan.

Going for an embossed business card is an astute decision to stand apart from competitors as it appears to be totally unique from different sorts of cards. In this computerized age where nearly anything should be possible carefully, a material encounter of embossed paper can turn into an exceptional place of your card. It gives your beneficiaries an essential actual feel, and consequently, your business can undoubtedly be reviewed when they’re needing your items and administrations.

With this modern sort of card, it should be appropriately intended to have the right fine art for printing. Business card layouts can be a decent way of beginning prior to continuing on to different phases of your plan cycle.

The premium business card as its name suggests, was created for those who wants a card with a classy and luxurious impression. These range of cards are mostly used by CEOs, political personalities, ambassadors and celebrities.

The following are key elements of a premium business card:

Size: 3.5 x 2 inch doesn’t need to be the best way to go. Kick the bucket cut would stand you out from the group and dazzle your beneficiaries.

Shape: Size and shape go together. On the off chance that you go with an eccentric size, it additionally implies that your card’s shape can leave the case. Square, round or even a special shape to mirror your business nature can be a decent alternative to browse

Color: Business cards address your image. In this way, a premium card doesn’t need to remain with white or cream color. It very well may be intended to find a place with your image colors.

Printing /paper: matte or serious shine.

In case you’re excited about having a premium business card, paper quality is the primary thing you need to take a gander at. A great paper will give your card a perfect and current look. Distinctive color ranges likewise come out dynamic and clear whenever imprinted on great paper, as well.

Our metal premium business cards, made from anodized marine grade stainless steel comes in aluminum, gold plated and black matte variants.

Are you looking to have a classy and distinctive business card that will give your business an edge? Check out Xtreme Cardz and you’ll be glad you did.

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