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Rose Gold Metal Business Card

Provide your customers with a unique and ultimate experience by presenting them with their personalized Rose Gold Metal Membership Cards! These cards reflect the VIP status, pulling potential members to join while retaining current ones for many more years.

Elevate your business and differentiate yourself from the competition by offering a distinctive experience that is exclusive to your brand.

Our Rose Gold Metal Membership Cards are an incredible way to engage your members/clients by:

  • Honoring loyal and longtime customers for their steadfast commitment to your enterprise.
  • Establishing multiple tiers of status and memberships within the framework of your program.
  • Evoking a sense of opulence and sophistication among clientèle.
  • Dispensing membership in the formof tangible cards is deemed as the easiest technique.

Rose Gold Membership Metal Card

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These cards serve as physical manifestations, continually reminding members that they belongto an exclusive community .

By using our Rose Gold Metal Cards, you not only guarantee a premium service and experience but also eliminate wear and tear issues that are commonly associated with regular paper or plastic cards. It’s like an added benefit!

Xtreme Cardz provides a range of Rose Gold Metal Membership Cards, varying in thickness between 0.3mm to 1mm and available with distinct metal finishes as well as personalized elements.

Our Rose Gold Metal Membership Cards exhibit the following features:

  • Constructed with a durable .5mm stainless steel – handpicked for its optimal weight and endurance. Firm in structure, these cards boast an opulent tactile sensation.
  • Available in standard business card dimensions (3.5 x 2”) or credit card size (3.37 x 2.12”)
  • Presenting refined round corners to attain a polished style, while also ensuring safety.
  • Infinite custom-shaped cut-through areas
  • Attractive surface etching on both sides!
  • Vivid screen printed color that can be applied to either side of the card!
  • Custom shapes are allowed within our established measurements so as to showcase your company’s logo/brand elements at their finest!
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