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Luxurious business cards for entrepreneurs and corporate organizations

Making a good impression starts with a great business card.

Nothing screams success and brand awareness than an unbelievably impressive premium luxurious business card, first impression matters so leave an unforgettable one with our distinct premium, executive and luxurious business cards. We have the plastic card, black matte metal complimentary card, stainless metal card, or gold metallic card.

So if you’re looking for a premium and unique business card solution, look no further, we have the most amazing luxurious cards Africa has ever seen!

Every professionals and business owners want value and seek to add value to themselves and their businesses, but they make the mistake of comparing value with price, quality can never be underrated or compared to quantity.

You see, the thing about value is that it goes way beyond the price you pay for it; it outlasts its monetary value and gives qualitative value.

However, when it comes to business cards, most people think they can get great value by buying a paper business card in bulk at the cheapest price and distributing their paper cards to the largest number of people possible and then wait for their prospects to reach out to them.

The sad truth about paper business cards is that they can easily get lost or be thrown away and because a lot of people use it, it adds no value to you, hence your paper business card is likely to be discarded or lost.

A premium luxurious business card, however, has a huge competitive advantage over paper business card because it is perceived as more valuable and important and this can be measured in different ways.

Business cards are unique marketing tools that can make you stand out from your business competitor that is why you need a metal business card, it will make a huge impact on your business and personal life.


What Advantages Does a Premium Business Card Have Over Paper Business Card?

A premium business card makes you stand out from the crowd because of its uniqueness, durability, and the perception of class it gives to whoever handles it. If you need a business card that will make a lasting impression on your client, a card that will win more business deals for you, then our premium, executive, and luxurious business cards are just what you need.

Giving your client a paper card that can easily be trashed in a waste bin is like winking in the dark, it might go unnoticed, which can make you lose contact with a potential business client and your business prospect will also be greatly affected.

In the business world, you need to be unique to remind your business prospects of your interaction, business, and services, whereas, using the regular paper business card cannot give you the attention you need because it can easily be discarded.

Premium, executive, and luxurious business cards create the lasting value you have always desired for your business considering the effect they have on the person receiving them. This makes them a bold and perfect choice, guaranteed to have your company remembered by all who see it.

Benefits Of Premium Business Cards

  1. People don’t throw away premium (plastic & Metal) business cards and they show them to their colleagues and friends.
  2. Premium business cards increase your acclaimed status towards colleagues, friends, and business clients.
  3. Premium business card enhances brand image perception.
  4. It makes you unique and it stands you out of the crowd.
  5. It gives you a good first impression that is second to none.
  6. It highlights your innovative minds and creative skills.
  7. It is classy and more durable than paper cards.

Why You Should Dump Your Paper Business Cards.

  1. 4 out of 5 paper business cards given out nowadays ends up wrinkled and eventually thrown in the waste bin.
  2. Paper business cards easily get damaged as they are not as durable as metal business cards.
  3. Paper business cards produce little or no talk value to your brand.
  4. Paper business cards make your brand less memorable.
  5. Paper business cards are just a white card that doesn’t ensure you stand out.

Think about the person you will hand your luxurious plastic or metal business card to and then imagine the excitement on his or her face as the desk drawer is opened, full of paper business cards left to rot. Now, here you are, with your sleek, cool and stylish luxurious business card.

The feel of the card is exquisite and second to none, when your new contact feels the touch and weight of the card, it’ll certainly raise your worth and your business will be etched on their minds.

Our premium, executive and luxurious business cards elevates your professional image to a whole new level than you have ever imagined.

Testimonials From Our Past Customers

People associate things that are durable with importance, value and significance and that will make them remember you as an effective and professional person in their mind.

That was certainly my experience when I share my metal business cards to my customers. It never gets old.

“Most people have never seen anything like my Glamour cards. The responses I receive from basically every client whom I give one to is priceless. They absolutely give me the right talk value.”


“They really set me aside from anyone else handing out a paper card. My first order was better than I expected! Clients and Customers don’t feel like they can throw this away. I love people’s reactions to them – totally worth investing in!”

“Xtreme Cardz metal business card literally gives me hype when I was displaying my card to a business partner.”


Why Choose Xtreme Cardz?

We are the pioneer supplier of premium Identity cards & luxurious business cards in Africa, the first among none to produce plastic and metal business cards to professionals and corporate organizations.

We have taken significant steps in investing in machines that will produce only the highest of quality and standard Luxurious Cards.

We offer a different kind of premium and luxurious business cards such as our Luxurious Business Cards, Glamour Business Cards, Aluminum Business cards, Poise Business Cards e.t.c. among others.

We have successfully produced cards for high profile individuals and organizations both home and abroad, we have provided our expertise to the likes of Alibaba, Mo Abudu of Ebony Life TV, and our services extend to corporate organizations like Smart paint, Sujimoto, Marie Phillip, Lekki Garden Homes, Sterling Bank, Adron Homes, Thisday Newspaper and so on.

Our premium luxurious business cards are the right assets that can create a memorable first impression that truly reflects your brand.

At Xtreme Cardz, we are known to deliver high-quality metal cards, which leaves a lasting impression, on not just on the card itself, but on the person, who receives your premium luxurious business card.

With Xtreme Cardz, it’s easy to inject your personality into any space. We created our premium business cards using a high-quality machine. Our premium luxurious card prints are strong, durable, and waterproof – perfect for outdoor areas.

With us you can also create a custom metal business card that is unique to your brand and personality. The possibilities we offer are endless!

Businesses outside the shores of Nigeria need not worry about accessing our products and services. We partner with the most reliable courier services to ensure that orders are safely and promptly shipped to their destination. Maintaining an excellent tracking system, we also ensure that there is open communication between our customer service team and clients until product delivery is confirmed

Want to boost your prestige and acclaimed status, contact us today to get your premium luxurious business card.

What About the Cost?

It’s true that premium luxurious business cards cost more than paper cards simply because the production process of how premium business cards are made is very different from paper printing – but let’s go back to the idea of value that it brings.

When you consider the cost versus value you receive, premium luxurious business cards are actually cheaper than paper cards.

All our pricing is upfront and honest, so you’ll get no nasty surprises when the bill comes. In fact, you’ll find that our rates are highly competitive, and considering the high quality of the product you will receive, the value of a card from Xtreme Cardz holds up well over time.

So why wait?

You can have your own luxurious business card in a matter of hours with our Swift Pack Cards, Heads-On Pack, or the Elite Pack, or perhaps you can order for a custom metal business that reflects only your business and personality.

All packages include free professional card design by our in-house team of experienced designers.

It’s time to set yourself apart even further. Hand them something they’ll never forget: a business card made of gold, silver, stainless steel, aluminum, rose gold or black matte – if you can dream it, we can make it. That’s how you will stand out from your contemporaries.

You can have both plastic and metal business cards. While you share the plastic business cards to everyone, you reserve the metal business cards for a select few at some special occasions or when you meet a huge prospect.

If you just want to find out more about our luxurious business cards and ask a few questions, feel free to give us a call or chat now on +(234) 903 000 1851 or +(234) 903 000 1852.


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