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How To Design A Business Card

Taking time to prepare your business card will give your business a professional outlook, gain the trust of prospective clients and give your business an edge over others in your field.

As a business person, exchanging your business card at meetings, conferences, fairs, etc, can be crucial for forming relationships with prospects. Having established that, the answer to ensuring your business card represents your brand well, lies in the preparation.

  • Select a Card Shape and Size that Suits Your Needs

Before going ahead to design your business card, it is important to know the shape and size your card should take. It is at this stage you will know the amount of information you can include on the card. The rectangular card format is what most people know and use, but if you want to differentiate yourself from competitors, use other card shapes.  

  • Select a Card Design that Works Well for You

When designing a business card, it is advisable to make use of design elements like colors and shapes that are in line with the services you provide, so it can be easily recognized. For example, if you are into carpentry, you can opt for an intricately designed wooden business card or if you sell luxury pieces of jewelry, you can go with a metal business card with tiny pieces of shiny stones.

  • Use the Limited Space Creatively

You usually don’t have the luxury of space when designing a business card. Standard business cards generally come in few sizes like 55 x 85 mm because it is important they are portable and can fit into small spaces like pockets, purses etc. Hence, it’s important to make creative use of the limited space. It could be in the eye-catching arrangement of key information or even extending some information to the back of the card.

  • Don’t Leave Out Important Information

In a bid to get creative with a business card, some tend to forget the main purpose of a business card, which is to provide your information to prospective business clients. Although the design is very key, try not to forget to add the necessary details. Here is some standard information you should include:

  1. Name
  2. Business name
  3. Job title
  4. Phone number
  5. Social media links
  6. Email
  7. Address
  • Get them Printed Professionally

Except you own a commercial printer, DIY business cards usually come off as cheap and sub-standard and that is definitely not the impression you want prospective clients to have about you and your business.  

But if you desire the professional, classy and flawless finish on your business card, that will leave a lasting impression on the minds of recipients, let Xtreme Cardz step in and handle it.

We make the best business and identity cards in Africa with solid proof.

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