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Five Ways To Make Your Business Cards More Appealing

As the number of new businesses keeps springing up, you will find that there are lots of boring business cards also floating around. Generic business cards don’t say a lot about a business and are easily forgettable.

Uninteresting business cards could lead to the downfall of a business if care is not taken. The main reason for having business cards is to imprint your business in the minds of recipients.

A typical business card simply contains the name and contact information of a business or individual. But these days, businesses are beginning to understand the important role of business cards in gaining the trust of prospects and turning them into returning customers.

These days, business owners use their business cards as a major marketing tool.

Here are 5 tips for making your business cards more appealing;

  • Choose the Right Style: Lots of business cards are generically plain and simple while others are filled with colors. We all know that a pop of colour on anything can be attractive and attention grabbing  so go for something that instantly makes people want to look twice. But be careful not to make your business card look cluttered and confusing, hence too much colours should be avoided.

  • Display Special Finishing: If you want your business to make a statement, you have to ensure they are a high-quality art masterpiece. Make use of special finishing like matte, engravings, glow in the dark etc.  That way, your business card is sure to stand out from business competitors.

  • Switch Things Up by Using a Unique Shape: If you want to grab attention, consider trying out unusual shapes for your business card. Asides the known square shape, your card can come in other shapes like circle, rectangle, triangle, star etc. Your card will definitely stand out if is created in a non-classic shape.

  • Have an Eye-catching Business Logo: If you want your business to get the necessary attention, your logo should be amazing and something people will always remember. You can make your  business logo unique by making it in 3D, making it colourful and getting an attractive font. There shouldn’t be an over kill of elements such as colors, text, images around the logo to ensure simplicity.

  • Make Your Card with Uncommon Materials: Gone are the days when business cards were printed solely on paper. Today, we have different unique and classy materials used to create business cards. Using materials like plastic, wood, metal, ceramics is sure to excite recipienets.

Looking For an Appealing Business Card Design?

Xtreme Cardz has helped a lot of business owners from around the world create business and identity cards that are classy, unique, and effective in pushing their brand to the right people. You should try us.

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